Classic painted Tall Planters

made in britain flag

Heritage Sage, Cream & Heritage Mushroom, Carcoal & Cornflower

  • FREE pre-formed heavy duty liner
  • Heavy duty timber frame
  • Quality knotting primer
  • Durable painted topcoat finish
  • Improved ball quality and chamfered feet

H: 905mm (36″)
W: 380mm (15″)
D: 380mm (15″)

Heritage Mushroom: 5022725002560
Heritage Sage: 5022725002553
Cream: 5022725002577
Charcoal: 5022725003017
Cornflower: 5022725003310

tall planters classic painted

Classic Tall Planter

lifestyle tall

Cut Away

Easily removed planting base to add ballast for stability.
tall planter cutaway