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AFK Green Policy

At AFK we strive to be as green and friendly to the environment as  possible and constantly work with our suppliers to improve our  sustainability.

Responsible Sourcing

All products are made from FSC® certified timber from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


Packaging is made from recycled FSC® certified material and can be recycled.
(Certified number SGSCH COC – 020019)

Product Labels

Labels are made from Polyart® and can be recycled.

Catalogue and Price Lists

Made from FSC® certified material and can be recycled. (Certified number TTCOC-003661)

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Planter and Trough Liners

Made from recycled polythene.

Arbour Polythene

Arbour polythene packaging can be recycled.

Water Based Coatings

Reduces solvent emissions by 95%.
We ensure responsible disposal of waste coatings.

afk green policy

Timber Waste

Turned into wood pellets for use as biofuel.

Wood Shavings and Sawdust

Collected and used for animal bedding.

Metal, Plastic and Cardboard

Taken to local recycling centres.

afk green policy